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Alcoholism and Impotence

Be honest with yourself – do you know or even suspect that you have a problem with alcohol? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Affecting millions of people worldwide, the health, social and economic ramifications of alcoholism are staggering. While it goes beyond our scope here to examine these ramifications in depth, you should be aware that excessive drinking could have serious consequences on your sex life.

Alcoholism is a chronic illness marked by the uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, which is essentially a depressant that reduces tension, anxiety, inhibitions and overall body activity. A type of drug dependence, alcoholism causes physical and psychological problems that often lead to impotence. So if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), you need to ask yourself whether or not alcohol may be the root of the problem. If it is, then you can kill two birds with one stone – get rid of the drinking and there is a great chance you’ll get back your sexual vitality.

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