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Penis Enlargement – Don’t Do it these Ways!

We are talking about penis enlargement the dangerous ways here. Don’t ever do it with the following ways. You may end up with less of a manhood than you bargained for…

Vacuum Pump
How this thing works is by pumping blood into your penis and forcing it to grow. This method may sound reasonable, but please pause and think about it.

This method may injure your penis, instead of enlarging it. Firstly, you may over-pump to make it grow big and fast. Secondly, you are using mechanical power which can be dangerous if not controlled.

You may suffer broken blood vessels, skin blotches, injury from over-pumping, etc. Not a good way to penis enlargement if you ask me.

Moreover, the pump is usually used by poor fellow men with chronic insulin dependent diabetes or circulatory disorders. Men with such health challenges do not have enough blood going to the penis, and thus are unable to have a erection. The pump helps to stretch the skin and underlying tissues, allowing them to clamp off the blood flow and consequently trap it in their penis. With the clamp firmly in place, they can briefly have sex. The moment the pump is off, they can’t perform any more.

Bless the normal men. We don’t need this for penis enlargement.

Weight Hanging
This method started from the tribal men who centuries ago used noose contraptions that fastened around the penis head, while rocks were hung from the bottom.

This so-called penis enlargement method would stretch the penis, but not thicken it. Ask yourself if a metre long penis helps. No way!

On top of that, this method could injure your penis by cutting off blood circulation and over-stretching. Your nerves could be damaged and impotence could result.

Be careful of high priced, fancy looking equipment like the JES Extender, the Circle Device, or the MAX Extender, they ALL do the same thing as weight hanging does.

If you are thinking of weight hanging, drop it like a ton of bricks! (pun intended.)

Penis enlargement by surgery is probably the most expensive of the lot. And could be unsafe too. Stay clear!

Surgery merely graphs your flesh and fat underneath your penis to make it look bigger. It does nothing for its strength and health.

Another downfall for this method is that up to 50% of the injected fat will disappear over the course of the following year. Now, that’s a waste…

In Conclusion
Personally, I don’t think that it is necessary for a normal guy to carry out penis enlargement. Hey, be happy with your God-given manhood. It’s still as good as when you were born with it!

But if you insist on making it big, then do it the natural yoga way.

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