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How to Reduce the Risks Associated with TURP

Not long ago a man who underwent a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) faced the possibility of having a lengthy hospital stay and perhaps a transfusion. The use of laser surgery has removed those possible risks.

In fact, a good surgeon can perform a TURP on an outpatient basis. Of course every patient wants to be guaranteed an excellent doctor. How can a man who knows that he is going to have a TURP find a top-rated surgeon, a doctor who promises to safeguard the health of the prostate cancer patient?

Health experts suggest the following strategy for locating a physician who can expertly perform a laser-guided TURP. There are three things that a patient needs to do in order to avail himself of the best medical and surgical care:

1) Always obtain a referral from a trusted physician.

2) Always consult photographs showing a before and after view of previous patients.

3) Always ask for references from patients, and ask if you may contact those references.

Men who follow the above suggestions have an excellent chance of finding a skilled laser surgeon. For them the risks associated with TURP should be reduced.

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