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Testicular Cancer – Facts and Stats

The most common type of cancer that strikes men ages 15 to 40 is testicular cancer. Keep in mind, all types of cancer can strike at any age.

Some male babies are born with it or can develop it if their testicle does not descend from the abdomen. Studies indicate that it can also peak at age 75. Other causes include genetics and ethnicity.

Caucasian men are almost twice as likely to develop it than African American. It is the most common type of cancer to begin for no known reason (e.g. no family history). However, it also has best prognosis of any cancer when detected and treated early.

It usually begins as a painless lump in the testicle. Some often mistake it for a hernia or pulled muscle until

it is accompanied by chronic pain. It can begin the size of a pea but can also appear suddenly the size of a golf-ball or larger. Other symptoms include groin pain, lower abdominal or pelvic pain, or heaviness in the testicle(s).

Nearly 7,500 men are diagnosed annually with testicular cancer in the United States. However, 90% are survivors due to early detection and surgical removal of the affected testicle, which is the preferred treatment. The majority of the remaining 10% are survivors due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Do self examinations and see a doctor or urologist if you feel something questionable. Remember, there is more to being a man than a testicle. Be a survivor!

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