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What is TCAP?

TCAP stands for Targeted CryoAblation of the Prostate. TCAP is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that offers a unique method for destruction of the tumor cells.

During TCAP the physician places 6-8 thin metal rods inside the prostate gland. These are hollow rods that hold argon gas. The argon gas will freeze any tissue that is close to the rods. The physician uses a special “warming rod” to protect the urethra from the super cold temperatures. The tubes are positioned by using the images obtained with ultrasound.

Special sensors control the length and intensity of the prostate’s exposure to the super cold temperatures. Such sensors also let the physician know when the cold temperatures should have completed destruction of the prostate’s tumor cells. A signal from the sensors will tell the physician when to discontinue the TCAP procedure.

Physicians who administer the TCAP procedure offer the patient cryotherapy. Perhaps you want to ask your doctor about cryotherapy for your own prostate cancer. It is possible that you could receive a TCAP and still maintain the nerve functions that are linked to sexual function.

If you are on Medicare, you will be pleased to learn that Medicare accepts cryotherapy as a primary treatment for prostate cancer. If you have had radiation treatment, and your prostate cancer has now returned, then you will still be eligible for TCAP.

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